Automate your Candidate Pipeline & Outreach

Visage enables recruiters to work on things they love and fill more jobs.

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More Candidates. Less Work.

Visage enables employers and recruiters to crowdsource qualified candidates at a fraction of the time and cost.

Using artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing, we identify and engage with qualified candidates for your job openings. No more sourcing, no more back-and-forth emails, let Visage build your candidate pipeline.

AI and Expert Vetting

Visage automates your sourcing, vetting and outreach

For Corporate Recruiters:

Reduce the time and cost per hire while freeing up your HR team to focus on more strategic talent acquisition activities.

For Third Party Recruiters:

Win business, cover more jobs and place more candidates.

Leverage the power of the crowd

1Post a job

Define your role requirements and submit. Our team quickly reviews and optimizes for best results.


Get both active and passive candidates in 48 hours thanks to a combination of crowdsourcing and advertising.


Domain experts and AI sift through profiles and handpick the most qualified candidates for your needs/requirements.


You receive a list of the most qualified candidates, you control how you want to reach out to them.


You directly receive the interested candidates responses in your inbox and start interviewing.


Recruiting hours to place a candidate


Days to first interview

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10x more reach

Global network of 3000+ sourcers ensures that you leave no stone unturned.

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Reduce time and cost to hire

Crowdsource your talent pipeline to find hundreds of qualified candidates in a few days.

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Find the most qualified candidates

Domain experts handpick candidates that best fit your job needs

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Save Time

Post jobs, review your pipeline and connect with candidates all in one simple, intuitive platform

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  • 10/10 I would recommend to a friend! Visage made it fast and easy for my team and I to make successful hires by consistently sending us high-quality and interested candidates, ready to interview. The easy-to-use platform and the consultative service throughout every step of the hiring process made for a near perfect experience.
  • I posted hard to find positions. Visage crowdsourced 697, validated 258, committed 31, and shortlisted 22 candidates. That was unbelievable. It happened overnight. That’s what blew me away. Visage was able to do this in 2 days when it takes staff of researchers a month to get to that number.
  • The experience with Visage was perfect, really good. We hired 2 people through the platform with very niche IT experience.

Eric Davis
Dir Strategy @ Prodigy


Mark Webster
VP Talent @ QuantumScape


Frederik Rengers