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Visage is a crowdsourcing recruitment platform allowing leveraging on crowdsourcing and AI to find the best talent. Don't spend hours connecting with candidates, just search the most relevant profiles online and submit them to us, we take care of the rest.


(Based in India) I love working with Visage as a freelance recruiting sourcer. It gives me the opportunity to work when I want, where I want.


(Based in Dubai, UAE) Working with Visage has allowed me to hone my sourcing skills and work on a range of jobs based throughout the world.

They sure can! We have a mixture of full and part-time recruiting sourcers, as well as people from non-recruiting backgrounds. You just need to be comfortable in understanding the needs of the client within your area of expertise.

You get paid for sourcing profiles that match the requirements of each job. There is no contacting of candidates, simply source great profiles from your range of tools and databases, upload them to the Visage platform and we will pay you for each hour you work. Your weekly salary will also be paid every Wednesday via Payoneer.

No, it is down to you to provide your own means of sourcing profiles. As a minimum, we ask that you have a LinkedIn Premium account.

You can work when you want, wherever you want. There are no boundaries or limits. We welcome everyone to our global sourcing community.

We have a Google extension that will warn you if a candidate has already been submitted, helping you save considerable time and effort.